Rules & Regulations

To compete in the SÜDTHÜRINGENTRAIL, participants must be at least 18 years old on race day. Participating in the SÜDTHÜRINGENTRAIL requires a high level of physical and coordination skills, meaning a top notch fitness level is essential!

Every participant is aware of the race distance and the physical challenges and has ideally passed a medical check-up before entering the SÜDTHÜRINGENTRAIL.

By registering participants confirm the waiver of liability and their physical capability to participate in the race.

1. Mandatory Equipment

Participation in the SÜDTHÜRINGENTRAIL requires the Mandatory Equipment as listed HERE.
Furthermore, all participants of the SÜDTHÜRINGENTRAIL are obliged to carry a mobile phone throughout the competition and to register their mobile number when receiving their starting bib.

2. Starting Bib

The starting bib is non-transferable and should be worn visible at chest or stomach height throughout the competition in order to assure that competitors can be well identified from the front.

3. Tracker

In order to track the position of participants & determine the race results of RIESENTRAIL & HELDENTRAIL, participants will receive & carry a position tracker weighing 80g. This tracker needs to be switched on by the participant before the race start & to be carried throughout the whole race, ideally in the back, or fixed to foot, armband or  with the starting bib. The tracker must returned to the organiser immediately after finishing (or abandoning) the race. In case tracker is lost the participant is liable for compensation of the cost to the organiser.

In order to track the position of participants & determine the race results of the WICHTELTRAIL competition it is required, that participants carry a switched on and fully charged mobile phone. Prior to the race participants need to install the “Racemap – App” on that mobile phone and register under “Kommende Veranstaltungen” > SÜDTHÜRINGENTRAIL with first name + last name + starting number, which can be found on the registration portal page under “Teilnehmer”.

For the installation guide of the “Racemap-App” please click HIER.

Ranking / listing in the official race results at the SÜDTHÜRINGENTRAIL is only possible through a switched on and fully functional tracker!

4. Environmental Protection; Food & Beverages

The SÜDTHÜRINGENTRAIL goes through environmentally sensitive areas and is a competition with self-supply between the water / food stations, which in some cases are as far as 16 km apart from each other.
Hence participants are required to carry some food & drinks and must avoid any behaviour causing negative impact on the environment.
Important! Rubbish disposal is only allowed at specifically arranged sections (“wta-Umweltzonen”) at all water / food stations!
Each participant should carry a foldable cup (or similar equipment) for drinks at the stations since cups will not be provided for environmental reasons. At the water / food stations the following will be provided: Water, Coke, isotonic drinks, apples, bananas, cookies, energy bars, chocolate, sausages and cheese.
An overview of water / food stations you can find HERE.

There might be closures of trail sections of the SÜDTHÜRINGENTRAIL amongst others due to timber harvesting or caused by weather conditions. In such cases those sections would be replaced by alternative routes.

5. Limits

Following time limits apply to complete the competitions:

– Wichteltrail: 6 1/2 hours

– Riesentrail: 10 hours

– Heldentrail: 12 hours (9 hours interim time limit at 47.5 km)

HELDENTRAIL participants exceeding the 9 hour time limit at 47.5km will be taken off the race, but accounted as finishers of the RIESENTRAIL. HELDENTRAIL participants might also voluntarily elect to stop the race at 47.5 km as RIESENTRAIL finishers.

All HELDENTRAIL participants, who want to be accounted as RIESENTRAIL finishers need to register with the organisation team straight after the race. Such participants will be earmarked as „Helden, die Riesentrail gelaufen sind “ outside the official race results of the RIESENTRAIL.

6. Traffic Rules

The SÜDTHÜRINGENTRAIL takes place on public roads, forest roads, hiking / single trails. They are not closed for the regular traffic during the races hence the standard rules of the Road Traffic Act apply and participants have to comply with instructions of the police and the organiser accordingly.

7. Abandoning The Race

Abandoning the SÜDTHÜRINGENTRAIL is – with the exception of a medical emergency case – only possible at the food / water points. The organisation team must be informed immediately & depending on the individual circumstances a joint decision amongst participant and organisation team about the transport back to the start- / finishing area will be taken. In case of non-compliance of participants with such information obligation, exclusion from future competitions might be considered and financial charges for search & rescue measures apply.

7. Categories

– MASTER MEN (above 40 years)
– MASTER WOMEN (above 40 years)
– SENIOR MASTER MEN (above 50 years)
– SENIOR MASTER WOMEN (above 50 years)
– GRAND MASTER MEN (above 60 years)
– GRAND MASTER WOMEN (above 60 years)

8. Disqualification

Participants will be disqualified under following circumstances: Violation of rules & regulations, lack of mandatory equipment, purposely using shortcuts, un-sportsmanship behaviour, unterlassene Hilfeleistung as well as damaging the environment

9. Disclaimer

Participants of the SÜDTHÜRINGENTRAIL are recognising the non-liability of the organiser and the owner of the premises for any kind of damages. Claims for damages of participants against organiser, owner of the premises, sponsors of the SÜDTHÜRINGENTRAIL or their representatives, irrespective of legal basis, are ruled out. In the event of force majeure, e.g. bad weather, official directive, or other conditions that do not allow the SÜDTHÜRINGENTRAIL to be carried out safely, the organizer is entitled to cancel the SÜDTHÜRINGENTRAIL without notice. If the cancellation is not the fault of the organizer, the participants are not entitled to a refund of the entry fee. Participants specifically recognise that forest areas must not be entered in case timber harvesting has taken place less than 6 weeks ago. Participants are aware and fully accept eligibility requirements and the race rules and regulations. Participants confirm that they are in good health and have the appropriate fitness level to cope with the selected trail. The organiser is authorised to remove a participant from the race in case of evidence of any harm to the participant’s health. The organiser is not liable for any health risks of participants in the context of their participation in the SÜDTHÜRINGENTRAIL. Personal details as provided in the race registration can be passed on to 3rd parties. Any photos, videos, interviews in radio, TV, internet, advertisement spots, books as well as duplicates taken in the context of the SÜDTHÜRINGENTRAIL can be published without any compensation entitlement. Participants confirm the accuracy of data / information provided and assure not to pass on their starting number to any other person. No refund of starting fee in case of no show.

The participants agree that their personal data will be forwarded to Ober Alp AG for usage in the Dynafit newsletter. The entire data protection guidelines can be found at

Reference in accordance with Data Protection Law: Participants data will be automatically saved.