… there was a mining city called Suhl deep inside the dark wood and far away from the residence of the ruler. The journey to Suhl was long and cumbersome along a bumpy and dangerous ridge way.

Today, this place surrounded by mountains can be easily reached by modern means of transport. It is renowned beyond its frontiers for its long tradition in manufacturing, finest hunting rifles, the Simson motorbike era, the German folk musician Herbert Roth, as well as Thuringian sausages and dumplings.

Yet there are lots of things to discover in and around the city blessed with a wealth of nature, making it Germany’s largest recreation place in the green heart of Germany. Old mining paths, like mysterious treasures, are waiting to be explored. And hence right under your feet, myths and stories about giants, gnomes & heroes just might come alive.

Therefore, we invite you to an unforgettable journey on intertwined paths far away from the “aorta of the Thueringer Wald” alongside clear creeks, through dark valleys & across glittering ridgeways to ultimately reward body, mind and soul with lasting impressions & spectacular views.

We say THANK YOU to all Wichtel (Gnomes), Riesen (Giants), Helden (Heroes) – whether starter, sponsor, supporter, volunteer, pioneer, partner or family member. 

The 3. SÜDTHÜRINGENTRAIL starts on 07.09.2019 – the online-application will open on 01.01.2019!



Our special thanks goes to the dedicated photographers of the Fotoclub Kontrast Suhl (Manuela Hahnebach, Ute Zohles, Tilo Boessel, Günter Giese, Manfred Hiersemann, Andreas Kuhrt, Michael Oehlsen, Uli Pfeufer, Lucas Hotop, Holger Abt) and to Sven Förter for the amazing photo documentation of the 1. and 2. SÜDTHÜRINGENTRAIL.






Outdoor XXL – Premiere für Südthüringentrail from rennsteig.tv on Vimeo.

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