After a relatively flat „warm-up phase” the Wichteltrail suddenly shoots up in the „Heinrichser Schießgrund“. A forest track embedded in allotments leads to a beautiful clearing hidden behind spruces. Time for a quick stop to enjoy an unexpected reward for body and soul! The old Jewish Cemetery, where Moses Simson, the “founding father” of the Simson factory, rests in peace since 1868, is still a romantic insider tip.

It is going further uphill now and after a few ups and downs it is time for another quick stop at the „Suhler Steinsburg“, which the myth describes as a former robber-knight castle. Historic sunken roads now circle around and lead back to this place and geologic formations give some insight into the basalt mining, which took place here back in the days. Reinvigorated we storm down via the “Diestel” to the “Dreisbachtal”, which paves us the way like a gentle wave of mother nature back into the civilisation…


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